December 5, 2015

About Me

Hello, welcome to ‘simple yet chic.’ Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Kim, and I’m a full time accountant living in the beautiful state of Virginia. I graduated from Virginia Tech a few years back (go Hokies!), and since then have been living the life of your average 20-something year old.

I started this blog as a way to share my passion for all things fashion. As a self-proclaimed shopaholic (at least I admit it!), I love finding the best deals and trying out the newest trends. Starting a blog has always been a dream of mine, as I love helping others find great deals, as well as connecting with those who are fashion-crazed just like me. This is also my creative outlet- as there is definitely more to my life than being a CPA and number-crunching (ha!)

DSC_0925 (2)

Since I’m still new around here, I wanted to share a few things about myself:

*UPS is my best friend (jk..kinda)  I’m addicted to online shopping and I can’t deny it

* Favorite stores hands down would be: Jcrew Factory, Lilly Pulitzer, Nordstrom, Target, Old Navy, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, LOFT, and recently Elizabeth McKay

*  I love traveling, and am always planning our next vacation (Still dreaming of going back to St. John….). I also may or may not have been on over 15 cruises (My nickname in college was ‘crusin’ Kim’ … I wish I was joking)

* If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it hands down would be pizza. My boyfriend and I are major pizza snobs- specifically pepperoni thin crust. However, I generally like to eat pretty healthy and recently have become addicted to Shakeology every morning for breakfast (It really is as good as people say….)

*My parents and sister live only 20 miles away- and for that I am extremely blessed

*I dream of moving to the beach and I’m determined to make that happen!

*My favorite part of getting ready in the morning would by far be getting dressed (perks of working in an office environment!) I love trying out new work styles and piecing together different looks

*Recently I have become a shoe addict…..but I’m not complaining. I just may need a bigger closet

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Thanks again for stopping by- I hope you see something you like and decide to stick around!